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LÉ Órla P41

LÉ Orla P41

L.É. Orla P 41

L.É. ORLA was formerly the HMS SWIFT a British Royal Navy patrol vessel stationed in the waters of Hong Kong. She was purchased by the Irish State in 1988. The primary armament is a 76mm OTO MELARA compact gun and RADAMEC electro optical fire control system. L.É. ORLA is a high speed vessel, designed to move rapidly about the patrol area and to bring her considerable firepower to bear when necessary.

She scored a notable operational success in 1993 when she conducted the biggest drug seizure in the history of the state at the time, with her interception and boarding at sea of the 65ft ketch, Brime.

Ship's Name

Orla was a very popular name in the 12th century all over Ireland. The names means ‘Sovereignty’ or ‘Golden Princess’ A sister of Brian Boru was named Orla as was his niece. Legend has it that Brian’s niece, Princess Orla, whose beauty was legendary, was beheaded for her indiscretion.

Ship's Characteristics
TypeCoastal Patrol Vessel
Main Engines2 X Crossley SEMT- Pielstick Diesels 14,400 HP 2 Shafts
Speed25 + Knots
Range2500 Nautical Miles @ 17 knots
Crew39 (5 Officers)

Weaponry on Board
Main Armament    76mm OTO Melara Canon Radamec Fire Control System
Secondary Armament2 X 20mm Rheinmetall Rh202 Canon
2 X 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun
Small Arms9mm Pistol to 7.62mm General Purpose Machine Gun