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Army Corps

Within the Army structure there are different Corps. The Army Corps support the seven combat functions - Manoeuvre, Fire Support, Air Defence, ISTAR, Mobility, Combat Service Support and Command & Control.

Infantry Corps

The Infantry “foot soldiers”, are the backbone of all armies. The Infantry Corps soldiers are the operational troops who must be prepared for deployment in any location at short notice.

Artillery Corps

The artillery in the brigade consists of a Field Artillery Regiment (FAR) with three field batteries. Each of the field batteries is based on six light field artillery weapons, 105mm guns

Cavalry Corps

The Cavalry Corps is one of the ‘teeth’ Corps of the Irish Defence Forces. The Cavalry Corps has a long, proud tradition of service to the State.

Engineer Corps

The Corps of Engineers has two main functional areas. The provision of engineer support to the Infantry Brigades and the maintenance and upgrade of Defence Forces barracks and installations

CIS Corps

The Communications and Information Services (CIS) Corps is responsible for the development and operation of Information Technology systems in support of Defence Forces (DF) tasks.

Ordnance Corps

The seven logistical taskings of the Ordnance Corps are Procurement, Storage, Distribution, Inspection, Maintenance, Repair and Disposal.

Transport Corps

Specifically, the Transport Corps conducts the logistical functions of Moving, fixing and fuelling to cover all aspects of military operations

Military Police Corps

The Military Police are responsible for the prevention and investigation of offences, the enforcement of discipline and the general policing of the Defence Forces.