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School Core Activities

Strategic level influence

Horse Sport Ireland (H.S.I) is the National Governing Body for the Equine industry. Presently, both serving and retired Army Equitation School Officers sit on a number of H.S.I Committee Boards. Officers are also sitting on a number of other Irish equestrian bodies, including; Show Jumping Association of Ireland, Eventing Ireland & RDS Equestrian Committee. On an international level, retired Officers contribute to the International Governing Body, Federation Equestrian International (F.E.I.)

Influence on Training

The Equitation School designed and developed a coaching and training system that has since been adopted as the National Coaching and Training Syllabi for the sport horse industry. This coaching system is accepted as the international standard and is used World-wide by the Federation Equestrian International (F.E.I.). Similarly, the Equitation School’s training syllabus for grooms has been adopted by H.S.I as the National Standard.

Influence on Educating

Officers of the Equitation School host demonstrations and clinics for various interest groups in the industry. These demonstrations are conducted in order to educate and inform people on breeding,training & coaching.

Influence on Breeding

H.S.I set up a sub committee to produce a new High Performance Sport Horse Breeding Policy. Two Equitation School Officers are members of this “World Class Irish Bred Taskforce.” The objective of this taskforce is to improve the breeding strategy of the Irish Bred Sport Horse.


Three annual Training Bursaries, approved by the Minister for Defence, are awarded to young riders competing at showjumping and eventing. The recipient of the bursary receives training with their own horses from Equitation School Riding Officers. These young riders have the potential to be the next generation of International competitors and the training provided by the Equitation School helps develop this potential.

Enhancing the Breeding Herd

The Equitation School Horse Purchase & Lease Scheme allows for the return of mares to their owners on the termination of the mare’s competitive career. This enables the owner to breed from an Irish bred mare that has a proven competitive record. This type of broodmare has been identified as the most desirable for breeding high performance sport horses. This activity contributes to enhancing the quality of the National Herd.

Public Relations agent for the Nation, the Defence Forces and the Irish Sport Horse Industry

Army riders competing on Irish Bred horses provide an instantly recognisable symbol of Ireland and the Defence Forces. The Equitation School advertises a positive image of the Defence Forces and the sport horse industry to the public. In carrying out the various activities outlined above, the Equitation School exposes a large section of society to the positive image of the Defence Forces. The Army Equitation School competes only on Irish Bred Sport Horses, thereby providing the exclusive “shop window” for the Irish Sport Horse Breeder.