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Artillery Corps

Artillery Corps Image

The Artillery Corps provides fire support for infantry or armoured elements. The Corps was founded in 1924 and today consists of two main branches:

  • Field Artillery
  • Air Defence

Between them the two branches of the Corps provide several vital services;

  • Fire support of Infantry or Armoured troops
  • Ground to low level air defence
  • Light field battery support to Irish overseas battalion
  • Aid to the civil power duties.

The Field Artillery Regiment

The artillery in the brigade consists of a Field Artillery Regiment (FAR) with three field batteries. Each of the field batteries is based on six light field artillery weapons, 105mm guns, and is staffed to command, co-ordinate and fire the weapons.

The headquarters battery includes administrative, logistics, communications, transport, survey and locating elements. The function of the artillery regiment is to provide indirect fire, in support of the maneouvre forces.

Field artillery is the brigade commanders principle and most responsive indirect fire weapons system. The brigade field artillery is organised with one 105mm light gun regiment. Gun batteries are normally afiliated to particular maneouvre battalions in training and on operations.