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Sometimes it can be overwhelming attempting to find information regarding support services available to families and individuals on the web with searches giving everything including the "kitchen sink". In the resources section, we have endeavoured to provide you with easy access to sources of information and supports that are available nationally, and related to your particular circumstances.

Family Support Services

Family Support Services cover a multitude of interventions. Our dedicated team aim to provide Family Support services which include:– Mental Health Supports, The Samaritans and Suicidal Crisis help to name a few.

Bereavement Support

Personal Support Services understands that bereavement can be a journey of a difficult nature. We offer some services to help you along that journey

Financial Support

Listed within are contact details for the Money Advice & Budgeting Service (MABS) and ANSAC the Defence Forces Credit Union

Addiction Alcohol and Drug Misuse Supports

Listed within are contact details for services that deal with alcohol and drugs misuse

Family Services

In modern modern times, military life is not always easy for families, so PSS has useful family services information that may be helpful

Physical Health Supports

Physical health and mental health are strongly connected. Taking care of your physical health is shown to improve mental wellbeing

Mental Health and Wellbeing Apps

The Apps area provides you with information and links to a range for mental health and wellness apps/eLearning suitable for ios android devices, and desktop computers.