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How to Join


From time to time or when required, the Defence Forces will advertise Army/Naval Service Reserve Recruitment Competitions through all social media platforms, websites and the national newspapers. To see what competitions are currently ongoing visit the Current Vacancies Page >>


Applications are only accepted through In the application form, you will be offered the choice of 26 locations in the case of the Army Reserve, and 4 locations in the case of the Naval Service Reserve. You may only choose 1 location.


There are no formal education qualifications to join the Reserve Defence Forces as a Recruit. With the exception of age limits, the criteria for enlistment to the RDF are the same as the PDF with regard to fitness assessment, medical examination and security clearance

Age Limitations

In order to join the RDF you must be 18 years of age or above and not more than 35 years of age on date of enlistment. 

Former members of the RDF or PDF who have had not less than one year’s full-time military service and who is not more than 45 years of age on enlistment are eligible to apply

Fitness Assessment

Applicants will be sent a PAR-Q Questionnaire form, which they must complete and bring with them on the day of the fitness assessment, stating that they are fit to attempt the fitness assessment.


Successful applicants at the fitness test phase will be called to conduct an interview

Security Clearance

All applicants for enlistment in the RDF are required to complete and sign a Consent Form that, pursuant to Section 8 of the Data Protection Act, 1988, will authorise An Garda Síochana to furnish the Defence Forces either, a statement that there are no convictions recorded against an applicant, or a statement of convictions, as the case may be.

Medical Examination

All applicants found suitable at interview will be called to complete a medical examination. Applicant must be in good mental and bodily health and free from any physical defect, abnormality, physiological condition or past history of serious illness likely to interfere with the efficient performance of their duties.


Once all the required Security and Medical checks have been completed satisfactorily, applicants can be attested into the RDF. This process involves swearing, or declaring an oath, and then signing a copy of the oath. At this stage the applicant is a member of the Reserve Defence Forces, and is issued with an army number and uniform over the next few weeks.