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Military Training & Survival School


The mission of the Military Training and Survival School (MTSS) is to provide the highest standards of military training to meet the operational requirements of the Air Corps. The MTSS is responsible for the military training of all new recruits and apprentices that are enlisted into the Air Corps as well as conducting any career courses that are sanctioned by Air Corps Headquarters.

What We Teach

  • Recruit Training
  • Basic Combat Training
  • Centralised training of all Air Corps Personnel
  • Potential NCO Course and Standard NCO Course
  • Firing Range Management Training
  • SERE Training (Survival, Evasion, Resistance to Interrogation, Extraction)
  • SIC (Survival Instructor Course)
  • Aircrew Survival (Includes Cadets, NCOs and Pilots)
  • Annual Fitness Testing of all Air Corps Personnel
  • Daily Fitness Training Classes

What You Will Learn

  • Weapons Handling Skills
  • Marksmanship
  • Military Drill
  • Physical Training Leadership
  • Combat Skills
  • Firing Range Management Training
  • SERE Training (Survival, Evasion, Resistance to Interrogation, Extraction)
  • Survival Instructor Training
  • Aircrew Survival (Land)
  • Aircrew Survival (Sea)
  • Combat Leadership Skills
  • Combat Management Skills
  • Public Order Management Skills


MTSS Staff

The staff of the MTSS are tasked with the objective of the conduct and administration of all courses that are tasked to the school. The Non-Commissioned Officer staffs of the MTSS are supervised by the Senior Military Instructor who administers the delivery of training. The high level of expertise encompassed in the MTSS provides the Defence Forces (DF) with a professional training establishment providing proven training in critical disciplines such as survival and extraction.

Air Corps Fitness

The MTSS establishment also includes the staff of the Air Corps Gymnasium under the direction of the Chief Physical Education Officer. This focused group of fitness instructors boast a high level of training and experience enabling the school to promote a large spectrum of fitness disciplines. Staff members are trained paramedics ensuring a safe training environment for all students.