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Roles of The Naval Service Reserve

Roles of the NSR

The Government have decided that the primary role of the Naval Service Reserve (NSR) is to augment the PDF in crisis situations.

In non-crisis situations, the main focus is on training to prepare for this role. The types of tasks that the NSR could be required to undertake in crisis situations are varied but could include:

  • Conventional military operations in defence of the State
  • Aid To Civil Authority (ATCA) support
  • Aid To Civil Power (ATCP) support, including port security tasks
  • Barrack security or other supports that facilitate the release of members of the PDF for operational duties
  • To contribute to state ceremonial events

Tasks are assigned to the NSR to support the Defence Forces in fulfilling these roles. These include:

  • Augmentation of the Naval Service
  • Augmentation of Naval Service on Maritime Defence Security Operation patrols
  • Operating in NSR Harbour patrols of their Area of Operation
  • Provision of logistic support to PDF
  • Provision of armed escorts
  • Staffing of Military Posts during periods of PDF deployment
  • Ceremonial Duties at national and local events.