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The Equitation School

The Equitation School

A School of Equestrian Excellence

The Equitation School was founded in 1926 to promote Ireland and the Irish horse. Since then Equitation School riders have been the backbone of Irish show-jumping and event teams. Army riders have represented Ireland at Olympic, World and European Championship level in Show-jumping and Three Day Eventing.

Mission of the Equitation School

To advertise the Irish sport horse through participation in International competitions at the highest level.

The riders have assisted the Irish team to many Aga Khan Trophy successes at the RDS in Dublin, and other great Nations Cup successes at prestigious venues such as Aachen, Calgary, Washington and Toronto. With wins in many competitions at the World Championships, Army riders on Irish bred horses have indeed been and continue to be a powerful force in advertising and promoting the sale of Irish horses abroad. Its success in achieving this objective can be established by reviewing the impressive record of Irish horses competing for other nations over the years.

As a result of the Schools direct involvement at the highest level of international competition, its coaches, riders and grooming staff are recognised for their high standard of horsemanship and skills. On numerous occasions Army grooms have won prizes for the exemplary turn - out and care of their horses.

Through the participation of its riders in various national equestrian bodies, the Army Equitation School aids in the development of riding and general equestrian development by passing on the invaluable training and experience gained by its competitive riders. The Equitation School helps young riders through the Minister for Defence’s training bursary. This is an annual bursary that is awarded to two promising young riders and includes training and participation at junior level international shows.

It could also be said that the Equitation School has represented a shop window for many of Ireland’s other assets, particularly in the areas of tourism, trade and marketing, by putting emphasis on Ireland and things Irish in a public and eminently suitable way.