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Trainee Military Aircraft System Technician

Unlock the door to an exciting career in aviation maintenance with the Irish Air Corps' recruitment pathway to becoming an Aircraft Technician. As a Trainee Military Aircraft Systems Technician, you'll delve into the heart of cutting-edge aircraft technology, honing your skills under the guidance of seasoned professionals. From routine maintenance to intricate repairs, you'll play a vital role in ensuring the safety and reliability of our aerial fleet. Whether you're drawn to the challenge of troubleshooting complex systems or the thrill of hands-on aircraft maintenance, this is your opportunity to turn your passion for aviation into a fulfilling career. Join the Irish Air Corps today and embark on a journey filled with opportunities for growth, adventure, and unparalleled camaraderie. Our training is of the highest standard, which will lead to a Level 7 B Eng Tech from TUD, as well as completing EASA exams. Full details are in the T&Cs.   


But that's not all – as part of the Irish Air Corps family, you'll enjoy a competitive salary, comprehensive medical care, and the peace of mind that comes with free accommodation and living expenses during training. Focus on your development and let us take care of the rest. Are you ready to take your passion for aircraft technology to new heights? 


The Irish Air Corps needs driven individuals to explore our excellent recruitment pathway to becoming a Trainee Military Aircraft Systems Technician. We're on the lookout for dedicated individuals who possess a blend of technical acumen, problem-solving skills, and a commitment to excellence. As a Trainee Military Aircraft Systems Technician with the Irish Air Corps, you'll embark on a journey of discovery and mastery. From diagnosing complex issues to performing precision repairs, your expertise will ensure that our aircraft operate at the highest international standards of safety and reliability. Are you someone who thrives in dynamic environments, possess a keen attention to detail, and excels under pressure? Then we want you to join our team! Your role will be instrumental in maintaining the integrity and airworthiness of our aerial fleet, contributing to the success of vital missions and operations.  


Join us and become part of a close-knit team dedicated to excellence and innovation. With opportunities for ongoing training and professional development, you'll have the chance to grow your skills and advance your career in aviation maintenance. 

If you're ready to make a difference and soar to new heights, the Irish Air Corps invites you to join us on this exciting journey. Take the first step toward a fulfilling career as a Trainee Military Aircraft Systems Technician today. 

Benefits and Lifestyle

A career in the Defence Forces offers competitive pay in addition to outstanding lifestyle and other benefits.