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Schools of The DFTC

Communications and Information Services School

The Mission of the Communications and Information Services (CIS) School is to provide training in the operation and maintenance of communications equipment used by the Defence Forces

Transport and Vehicle Maintenance School

The Transport School is actively engaged with industry best practice in both the military and civilian aspects of transport management.

Ordnance School

The School provides training and education in all Ordnance Corps areas of expertise to facilitate the Ordnance Corps to develop and maintain ordnance Combat Service Support for the Defence Forces.

Military Police School

The Military Police School will maintain an operationally effective and varied range of Military Police training course syllabi, which will provide for the Irish Defence Forces operational Military Policing needs.

Military School of Engineering

The School of Military Engineering provides both general and combat engineering training to members of the Defence Forces (DF) and ensures that a high level of military engineering expertise is maintained.

Medical School

The Medical School conducts training for medical personnel of all services. They coordinate Emergency Medical Technician training and provide training in medical matters and hygiene

DF School of Catering

The school conducts training ranging from basic culinary skills training for new inductees into the catering branches of the DF, to management courses for junior leaders, senior NCOs and officers