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Transport Corps

Our Mission

To provide for the efficient, effective and sustainable movement of personnel, stores and equipment in order to support and sustain all Defence Forces’ operational and training activities in fulfilment of tasks laid down by Government and thereby enhancing the military capability to defend Ireland and assigned interests internationally.

Strategic Vision

Provide a framework for the management of armour and soft-skin transport into the next decade, based on the fundamentals of foresight, economy, integration and cooperation, continuity and responsiveness, which must remain the bedrock of decision-making.

Through its excellence in transport management the Corps will strive to provide mobility and interoperability, facilitate utility of purpose where possible, guarantee value for money, provide an efficient and effective maintenance policy, maintain an adequate stock of strategic spare parts and procure fuels, thereby securing the provision of an appropriate transport fleet into the future. As a management objective it is essential to provide professional and competent managers, administrators, technicians, logisticians and drivers; all necessary to inspire pride in the Transport Corps.

Core Activities

In general terms the Transport Corps is engaged in the science of planning for and carrying out the movement of forces.

Specifically, the Transport Corps conducts the logistical functions of Moving, fixing and fuelling to cover all aspects of military operations dealing with the following:

  • The procurement, storage, maintenance and disposal of vehicles and spare parts
  • The transport of personnel and materiel
  • The training and education of all personnel in the areas of driver training and transport management.