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Defence Forces Review


Defence Forces Review 2023 – Call for Papers
This year’s edition of the Defence Forces Review examines the theme of The Irish Defence Forces as a Joint Force. Given the recent addition of Cyber and Space to the traditionally recognised military domains of Land, Sea and Air it is worthwhile examining how these domains contribute to military operations and how they can be best harmonised by the Joint Force. This is particularly prescient for the Irish Defence Forces as it seeks to become more Joint following on from recommendations contained in the Report of the Commission on the Defence Forces. Closely related to this is the concept of integrating the different domains across the tactical, operational, and strategic levels and the challenges and opportunities this presents.

Papers are invited which explore joint forces and joint operations and which address the ways in which forces and structures associated with the five military domains (Land, Sea, Air, Cyber, Space) can work together more effectively through jointness and domain integration. Papers are welcome to explore actual or potential joint forces, structures and institutions within the Irish context, and provide relevant insight through examination of these issues from an international perspective.

Submissions are invited that address these issues through a strategic, operational or tactical lens, or that focus on institutional and organisational matters. Submissions that address specific technical challenges are also welcome, providing that they address the themes identified above. The Review will focus in particular on the challenges and opportunities facing the Defence Forces today, and into the future, but will also consider papers that shed light on current concerns with reference to historical case studies.

The Defence Forces Review 2023 will be published in collaboration with the Centre for Military History and Strategic Studies at Maynooth University and is delighted to include Dr Laura Brown, Dr Rory Finegan and Professor Ian Speller from Maynooth in the joint editorial team.

Based on the above, we invite contributions to the Defence Forces Review 2023. In the first instance, 300 word abstracts and a brief biographical note (no more than 200 words), should be submitted no later than 09 June 2023. The editorial team will inform contributors by 16 June as to whether the proposed paper based on their abstract will be accepted or not.

Based on the review of abstracts, the editorial team will invite final contributions. Final submissions should not exceed 3,000 words (excl. references), should be referenced in accordance with the Chicago Referencing Style, be in Word (.docx) or equivalent format, and are due no later than 08 September 2023. Final contributions will be subject to a full peer review process and the editorial team will make final editorial decisions. All abstracts and subsequent final submissions should be directed to and by the deadlines stated above.

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