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Defence Forces Member's Area

Updated: 04 JUNE 2020- Chief Of Staff address to Óglaigh na hÉireann RE COVID-19

Chief of Staff's Message 'To the Men and Women of Óglaigh an hÉireann' 14 JULY 2020

IMPORTANT Information on COVID-19

Internal Announcements for DF Members

  • World Mental Health Day 10th October 2020

PSS Mental Health day.pdf (size 849.6 KB)

This revision reflects the implementation of a 2% increase to the annualised amount of basic salary for Permanent Defence Force personnel with effect from 1st October, 2020 as provided for under the Public Service Stability Agreement 2018-2020.
Also, from 1st October, 2020 fixed allowances which are not calculated as a specific percentage or specified proportion of basic salary will be restored to the monetary value which existed at 31 December 2009. This measure relates solely to fixed periodic allowances payable on 1 January, 2010 and were reduced by either 5% or 8% under the Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest (No. 2) Act 2009 and which continue to be paid as fixed allowances separate to basic pay.

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         DF Podcast - Series 1

Episode 1. Looking After Your Mental Health - with Comdt Dorota O'Brien

Episode 2. LÉ James Joyce in the Fight Against COVID-19 - with Lt Cmdr Mike Brunicardi

Episode 3. The Sniper - with Sgt Karl Johnson

Episode 4. The Air Corps Cadetship - with Lt Niall Dungan

Episode 5. The Army Cadetship - with Capt Grainne Kenneally

Episode 6. The Naval Service Cadetship - with Lt Paul O'Brien

Episode 7. The Cavalry Corps - with Sgt Larry Havens

Episode 8. The Military Diver - with L/S Ryan Carroll

Episode 9. The Air Corps - with Capt Eugene Mohan

Episode 10. 26 Years of Service - with CS Sandra Murphy, Sgt Rena Kennedy and Sgt Leona Walsh

         DF Podcast - Season 2

Episode 1. From Dundalk to Lebanon - with Sgt Rico Lucchesi

Episode 2. Recruit Training in the Naval Service - with L/S Katie O' Leary

Episode 3. The Ordnance Corps - with EOD Officer

Episode 4. SERE Training - With Capt Barry Jones

Episode 5. Gaelic Games and the Defence Forces - with Comdt Ramsbottom, Comdt Earley and Sgt O'Connor

Episode 6. Maritime Interdiction Operations - with Lieutenant Commander's Brett, Brunicardi and Cotter

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Health & Fitness during Quarantine

Defence Forces Documents on COVID - 19

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Member's Area

The Defence Forces member's area allows serving personnel access to information of general interest to them during or after duty hours. It is targeted, in particular, at junior enlisted personnel who do not have access to email and the internal Defence Forces information portal.

This member's area is one of several Defence Forces communication channels aimed at improving internal communications across the Defence Forces. Its aim is to make sure that serving personnel are communicated with in order to ensure that our people feel valued, listened to and have a common purpose.

Public Relations Branch Internal Communications Team are happy to receive feedback on how to improve the member's area.

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We have listed the current week's Defence Forces Press Books. The Press Books are a collection of articles from the current week's National Newspapers, Websites, and other Media sources.