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Whats my Committment?

Naval Reserve Units typically parade at their locations once per week for a two hour duration

  • Dublin & Cork Tuesday evenings
  • Limerick & Waterford Wednesday evenings

Naval Reserve Units build on their weekly parade nights through organised Field days (Saturday or Sunday), approx. eight hour duration and/ or weekend training Saturday & Sunday.

Units patrol their own Harbour areas during week nights and weekend training in support of Naval Operations.# NSR Units support PDF training, Exercises and operations.

Every year you will be required  to complete the following training and Voluntary Commitment.

Complete a total of 48 hours training and a minimum of 12 hours voluntary unpaid service.

And Successfully complete:

  • Annual Personal Weapons Test
  • Medical examination as defined by Defence Force Regulations 
  • Annual Fitness test as per Defence Force Regulations

The required number of voluntary hours can be earned by 

  • Participation in Defence Force Exercises in a Combat, Combat Support or Combat Services Support Role in addition to the Unit Training Plan.
  • Completion of  Security Duties.
  • Ceremonial Duties.
  • Operations in Aid to the Civil Authority.
  • Periods spent as an instructor on training activities or a approved course of instruction involving Permanent and  Reserve Defence Force students where the instructor possesses a specific skill.
  • Duties of an administrative or logistical nature.
  • Other duties as deemed appropriate by the Unit Commander and approved by the chain of command.

Summer Camps

After completing basic recruit training, NSR members can complete courses both within the Naval Service and other Defence Forces Training centres.

Typical Naval course’s available for NSR personnel are;

  • Basic First Aid
  • Basic Fire Fighting and Damage Control
  • Personnel Survival Technics course
  • Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat courses
  • Manual Handling course

Units plan a Port Control Exercise, seven days, each year at their own location.