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Military Adminstration School

The Military Administration School (MAS) is a constituent School of The Military College and for training purposes is divided into three sections. Each Section is comprised of its own highly qualified instructing staff. Over the past number of years changes in Personnel and Logistics management practices and regulations, throughout the Defence Forces have meant that the School has increased its training outputs requiring greater interaction between the various sections within the School.

Military Administration as it applies to the Defence Forces can be described as the organisation, management and execution of all military affairs not included in strategy and tactics. Primarily the term applies to manpower, personnel services and logistics. The Military Administration School provides the necessary training in all these areas in furtherance of Defence Forces Strategic Goals, with an increasing emphasis on advanced personnel and logistic management.

Strategic Vision

The School will provide the highest possible standard of military education and training, in accordance with Defence Forces doctrine, ensuring that students on all career, instructor and other courses conducted by the School are provided with the knowledge, skills and competencies to effectively hold appropriate appointments as part of Defence Forces Units at home or when deployed with multi—national forces on operations overseas.

An overriding consideration of the MAS is the maintenance of an environment that is conducive to teaching and learning for both staff and students involved in all courses of military education and training. We believe that the performance of the MAS ultimately depends upon the competence, commitment and consistency of our staff and that these attributes are primarily developed through education and training.

The education, training and development of staff provide opportunities for each staff member to display their capabilities, develop their full potential and gain greater job satisfaction. A highly motivated and professional staff will in turn allow all students attending courses in the MAS to achieve their own personal goals which will greatly enhance the administrative function throughout the Defence Forces.

Core Activities

The Military Administration School conducts courses in the following areas:

  • Personnel Management ('A' Administration)
  • Logistics Management ('Q' Administration)
  • Office Information Systems (IT)
  • Mess Management