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The Cavalry School


The primary function of the Cavalry School is to support the Director of Cavalry and the Cavalry Corps training objectives and responsibilities.


“To achieve excellence in the professional performance of the Cavalry School by providing the Cavalry Corps with the skills and knowledge to maximize outputs.”

The Cavalry School is the dedicated training institution of the Cavalry Corps and specialises in the command, control, training, operation and tactical deployment of armour in support of the infantry brigades and in the maintenance of the armoured resources of the Defence Forces. Fundamental to the Corps organisation are the independent operational units which provide light armoured Combat Support capability to the infantry brigades and in the case of the 1 Armd Cav Sqn an armoured combat resource to the Defence Forces.

Roles of the Cavalry School

The major roles of the Cavalry School are:

  • To continuously improve the Cavalry Corps operational capabilities in order to provide for the Military Defence of the State’s territorial integrity.
  • To continue to educate, train and exercise the Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Troopers of the Cavalry Corps to develop and maximize individual potential, collective readiness, operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • To provide sufficient Cavalry Corps forces with the capabilities to assist in a sustained significant contribution to multinational peace support, crisis management and humanitarian operations.

Core Activities

  • Conduct courses in accordance with the DFHQ Annual Training Directive
  • Complete the necessary Corps Career and Instructor courses for all ranks
  • Conduct Junior Leadership and Career Courses for Officers and NCOs
  • Conduct Technical Officer Course in accordance with Cavalry Corps policy
  • Conduct Conventional Tactical training for all Ranks
  • Conduct training for the full spectrum of Peace Support Operations
  • Validate all Gunnery and Driving testing within the Cavalry Corps
  • Support Unit and collective integrated and non integrated RDF Training.