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Naval Service Reserve Courses

Recruit Training

Recruit Training is conducted in the Naval Base, Haulbowline, Co. Cork. It comprises of four (4) weekends unpaid training, 14 days continuous paid training, followed by two (2) weekends paid training. You will learn various new skills such as:

  • Foot Drill
  • Arms Drill
  • Rifle marksmanship on the Styer Aug 5.56mm rifle
  • Qualify on firing the Styer Rifle
  • Basic Seamanship
  • Physical education
  • History of the Naval Service
  • Ranks of the Defence Forces
  • Structure of the Defence Forces

The last weekend is when your Recruit Class will have its passing out parade on the Naval Base.

You must attend all Recruit training and pass the written/ practical exams to successfully complete your Reserve Recruit training.

Non Commissioned Officer (NCO) Training

  • Career NCO training is carried out in the Naval Base, each course has its own demands, challenges and varies in length, all of these are paid training days.
  • Potential NCO’s course qualifies you from Able Seaman to Leading Seaman
  • Standard NCO’s Course qualifies you from Able Seaman to Petty Officer
  • Senior NCO’s Course qualifies you from Petty Officer to Chief and Senior Chief Petty Officer

After completing basic recruit training, NSR members can complete courses both within the Naval Service and other Defence Forces Training centres.

Typical Naval course’s available for NSR personnel are;

  • Basic First Aid
  • Basic Fire Fighting and Damage Control
  • Personnel Survival Technics course
  • Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat courses
  • Manual Handling course 
  • Units plan a Port Control Exercise, seven days, each year at their own location.

NSR Officer Training

Candidate Requirements

Qualifying criteria to be considered as an NSR Officers (under the current R5 regulations):

  • NCOs who have shown particular aptitude and character to be Commissioned as an Officer
  • Not more than 35 years of age on the day of interview for the Officers course
  • Be recommended by an Interview Board
  • Completed an Officers training course

NSR Officer Training

The syllabus is broken into 11 tables:

  • Health and safety
  • Officer of the day and duty officer
  • Methods of Instruction
  • Leadership
  • Admin and military law
  • Staff duties
  • Human Resources management
  • Fisheries procedures
  • Liaison Officer duties
  • Pistol training
  • Sword drill