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The Infantry School

We Train Leaders (Traenáilimd Ceannairí)

The role of the Infantry School, within its three composite wings, is to provide the highest levels of military education and training for Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers of the Defence Forces. The Infantry School provides career, specialist training in infantry weapons and staff courses to both Officers and Non Commissioned Officers, in accordance with current Defence Forces (DF) doctrine, in order to provide them with the appropriate professional skills to effectively fulfil their assigned roles within the State and on overseas deployments at tactical and operational levels.

Furthermore, the Infantry School plays a key role in the research and assessment of Infantry Corps doctrine, tactics and equipment for the DF, in hosting regular operational and training seminars for Officers and NCOs in the DF, as well as, planning, preparing and conducting Mission Readiness Exercises (MRE), in order to evaluate the operational capabilities of units prior to their deployment overseas.

The Infantry School encourages an active learning and development environment for both students and staff, in order to support and facilitate the development of their full potential.

The Infantry School strives to constantly assess and enhance the leadership abilities and qualities of both staff and students and to further imbue them with the core values of the DF; respect, loyalty, selflessness, physical courage, moral courage and integrity.

Strategic Vision

The Infantry School’s vision is to equip junior leaders with the appropriate professional skills and competencies through a flexible, adaptable and innovative educational environment enabling Officers and NCOs to operate in diverse, dynamic and challenging environments both at home and overseas.

Core Activities

The Infantry School is broken down into three wings, each with a different area of responsibility:

Officer Training Wing

The Officer Training Wing (OTW) conducts career courses, staff courses, seminars and associated terrain and tactical activities for junior officers of the DF, in order to develop their professional skills and to fit them for command and staff appointments, up to battalion level at home or overseas and for related staff appointments in multi-national forces. The following is an outline of the Junior Officer Career Courses conducted by the OTW:

  • Junior Command and Staff Course (JCSC)
  • Infantry Young Officers Course
  • RDF Officers Career Courses
  • Mission Readiness Exercises (MREs)

Non Commissioned Officers Training Wing


To educate, train, and inspire the NCO Corps to be leaders of strong character and professional competence, committed to the Defence Forces Values

Our core activity is conducting career courses for NCOs to provide them with the requisite leadership and tactical knowledge to progress to higher rank. We adhere to the 'mission command' philosophy and strive to empower NCOs. We equip them with the self-confidence and professional competence to take charge of their team and work to their commander's intent, exercising disciplined initiative to exploit opportunities for mission success.

  • Potential NCO Course
  • All Arms Standard NCO Course
  • Infantry Platoon Sergeants' Course
  • Senior NCO Course
  • Combat Shooting Coach Course

Infantry Weapons Wing

The Infantry Weapons Wing (IWW) provides the requisite military education, knowledge, skill and training to Officers and NCOs in order to qualify them as weapons instructors and to be able to deploy weapons in all phases of war and be competent to train and command at their respective levels, within the DF and with international forces and missions. The courses and activities conducted in the IWW are outlined hereunder:

  • To Train Officers and NCOs to Instructor level
  • To qualify Officers as Platoon Commanders for platoons of Support Company
  • To qualify NCOs as Platoon Sergeants, Section and Detachment Commanders and Weapons Instructors for the Platoons of Support Company
  • To train/qualify personnel in the supervision/conduct of live firing practices
  • To train officers and NCOs to fill Weapons Company appointments for Peace Support Operations (PSOs)
  • Organisation and Conduct of DF Support Weapons Concentration/Competition
  • Defence Forces Sniper Badge Testing
  • Conduct Seminars — Mortar/Sniper/Anti-Armour/Support Company
  • Writing Weapon Manuals, Training Syllabi and Instructions
  • Supervision of Support Weapon and Live Firing Tactical Training (LFTT) firing
  • Monitoring of training standards
  • Equipment research, assessment and testing
  • Weapon/Equipment Demonstrations — Schools/Visitors
  • Assisting Unit Exercises/ Mission Readiness Exercises