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The Military School of Engineering

School of Military Enginering


The School of Military Engineering (SME) provides professional military training and education to all Defence Forces (DF) Corps of Engineers (COE) personnel and other DF personnel as required in the areas of Mobility, Counter- Mobility, Survivability and General Engineering; acts as the DF CBRN ‘School of Excellence’ for CBRN ‘train the trainers’ courses; provides military engineering training and advice to units and personnel preparing for overseas deployment; provides military engineering training to other colleges and schools of Defence Forces Training Centre (DFTC); provides military engineering support to exercises within DFTC and wider DF as directed; provides a military engineering instructor to the Military College; advises the Director of Engineering and other COE units on military engineering matters; and coordinates and advises on COE military engineering training exercises, in order to support the DF and DFTC missions.

Strategic Vision

The SME’s primary focus is on the training, education and mentoring of Corps members. Preparation of DF’s personnel for participation in a wide range of overseas operations is also a fundamental role of the establishment. The SME continuously liaises with foreign militaries, civilian educational and training institutions with a view to perfecting doctrine, sharing knowledge and increasing skill sets, which take account of the multi-dimensional aspects of the ever-evolving engineering community. This allows DF and COE to equip its personnel with skill-sets tailored to undertake challenging missions across a diverse spectrum that includes robust peacemaking, peacekeeping and humanitarian overseas operations in addition to supporting local governments.

Core Activities

Today, the SME provides both general and combat engineering training to members of the Defence Forces (DF) and ensures that a high level of military engineering expertise is maintained. The SME coordinates and executes two (2) Engineer Specialist Search and Clearance Exercises and one (1) Combat Engineering Tactical Exercise, for all DF Corps of Engineers (COE) personnel, annually. This facilitates the meeting of all operational commitments, both at home and abroad.

The SME’s areas of expertise include:

  • Engineer Specialist Search and Clearance
  • Mine Awareness, Warfare and Humanitarian Demining
  • Camp Construction, Maintenance and Force Protection Engineering
  • Supply of Water and Sanitary Services
  • Fire Prevention, Fire Fighting and All-Arms Gorse Fire Training
  • Engineer Reconnaissance
  • Military Bridging
  • Watermanship
  • Explosive Demolitions