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Naval Support Command

Naval Support Command is tasked with the support of the Naval Service afloat and ashore. The Officer Commanding Naval Support Command (OCNSC), reporting to FOCNS, commands the Personnel, Logistic and Technical support resources in the Naval Base, in order to enable the NS to fulfil its Operational and Training commitments.There are four main departments within Support Command. These include:

  • Support Command HQ
  • Mechanical Engineering and Naval Dockyard Unit
  • Base Logistic Department
  • Weapons Electrical Unit

Support Command HQ

OCNSC operates form Support Command HQ. Under Support Command HQ comes the Personnel Management Section (PMS) and Maintenance Management/ Planning and Inspectorate Sections.

  • Personnel Management Section
  • Maintenance Management/Planning and Inspectorate

Mechanical Engineering and Naval Dockyard Unit

This Unit is responsible for second line and heavy technical support of Naval Service ships and boats. Within this department comes the:

  • Plant and Machinery Section
  • Naval Dockyard

Base Logistic Department

The Logistic Dept carries out all NS Logistic planning and provides a logistic support services to the NS, both ashore and afloat. Under the Logistics Dept comes a number of sub sections:

  • Naval Technical Stores
  • Central Supply Unit
  • Accommodation and Messes section
  • Base Engineering Maintenance Section
  • Road Transport section

Weapons Electrical Unit

This section co-ordinates and controls the work of following three component sections, paying particular attention to equipment where the work of the sections may overlap.

  • Communications Technical Section
  • Electrical/Electronic section
  • Ordnance Section