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Transport and Vehicle Maintenance School

The Transport Vehicle Maintenance School

Mission Statement

To provide training and education for personnel of the Defence Forces in all aspects of driving, maintenance and use of vehicles both at home and overseas in order to ensure the efficient and safe use of Military Vehicles in all theatres of operations.

Strategic Vision

The Transport School continues to support the strategic vision of the Directorate of Transport. To achieve this, the Transport School provides training and education in all Transport Corps areas of expertise and in doing so facilitates the Transport Corps mission to develop and maintain Transport Combat Service Support for the Defence Forces.

The Transport School is actively engaged with industry best practice in both the military and civilian aspects of transport management.

The Transport School has built up a good working relationship with many civilian bodies such as the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, FAS, the Road Safety Authority and the other State agencies. In the academic arena, The Transport School trains Defence Forces personnel to hold such qualifications as the CPC in road haulage management and the ADR Certificate for drivers of Dangerous Goods Vehicles.

Core Activities

The Transport School provides instruction to meet the requirements of the Transport Corps and the Defence Forces in both technical areas and practical driving that fall within the Corps area of responsibility and expertise, as follows:

  • All soft skin driver training and testing
  • All recovery training in the Defence Forces. - The Transport School has also sent individuals to be up skilled with the UK MOD as recovery mechanics class 1
  • Career Courses to Transport Corps personnel
  • Civilian accredited training courses. (CPC, ADR)
  • Pre-deployment transport training for overseas personnel
  • Technical training for Defence Forces Heavy Vehicle Mechanics. (An Army apprentice won national apprentice of the year the national skills competition in 2012)
  • Technical Maintenance courses on Defence Forces vehicles

The Transport School delivers training to 4 primary groups;

  • Personnel of the Transport Corps
  • Defence Forces personnel other than Transport Corps
  • Personnel from other state agencies (e.g. An Garda Siochana, The RSA, etc.)
  • Personnel from civilian agencies (e.g. NGO’s, Rapid Reaction Corps, etc.)