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Selction Course

ARW Selection Course

The Army Ranger Wing (ARW) has significantly revised its selection and assessment procedures for prospective unit members and the ARW Selection & Basic Skills courses have been replaced by a new single course combining the two named ARW Special Operations Force Qualification Course (SOFQ). The target audience for the SOFQ course are Officers, NCOs and soldiers of the PDF with high levels of physical fitness, navigation skills, personal motivation and the aspiration to serve in the ARW.

The SOFQ syllabus is designed to test and assess all aspects of the candidate’s character, military skills, ability and general suitability to become a member of the ARW and provide the potential unit member with all the skills and knowledge necessary to function in the role of SOF Assault team operator on successful completion of the course.

The SOFQ course is 36 weeks long and is divided into 5 distinct modules:

  • Module 1: Assessment & Evaluation
  • Module 2: Skills & Leadership
  • Module 3: SOF TTPs
  • Module 4: Counter Terrorism TTPs
  • Module 5: Continuation training

The aim of Module 1 is to assess the candidate’s levels of physical fitness, motivation and suitability to progress onwards to SOFQ Modules 2-5. During phase 1 all candidates must pass a series of fitness assessments, map reading and individual navigation assessments, claustrophobia, water confidence and psychometric testing in order to progress to phase 2. The candidate is then assessed further by a series of individual navigation exercises with set weights but unknown distances and completion times culminating in a 60km cross - country march carrying a 65lb combat load. Officer candidates are also subjected to rigorous assessment of their planning and decision-making skills to assess suitability to achieve a command appointment in the ARW.

Modules 2 – 5 consist of further training and assessment in areas such as SOF weapons & marksmanship, Live fire tactical training, SOF conventional & CT TTPS, combat water survival, SERE, communications & medical training. Candidates are awarded the ‘Fianoglach’ tab on successful completion of Module 3 and are assigned to the unit and awarded the distinctive ARW green beret on completion of Module 4.

On conclusion of the SOFQ course candidates are posted to an operational ARW task unit as an Assault Team operator and can expect to undertake numerous further training in areas such as advanced medical skills, military freefall, combat diving and boat handling, close protection and advanced weapons skills.