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Roles of the Air Corps


The role of the Air Corps under the Defence Act is to contribute to the security of the State by providing for the Military Air Defence of its airspace. However in times of peace it is more usual for the Air Corps to fulfil the roles assigned by Government through the deployment of a well motivated and effective Air Corps.
Primary Roles of the Air Corps

The primary role of the Air Corps is to support the Army, this includes the following:

  • Observation and Reconnaissance
  • Local Fire Support
  • Command and Control
  • Limited Tactical Mobility and Logistic Support
  • Casualty Evacuation
  • In Support of the Naval Service
  • Maritime Surveillance and Defence
  • National Security
  • Economic Zone Surveillance
  • Protection of Natural Resources
  • In Aid to the Civil Power
  • Maintaining and flying Garda Support Unit Aircraft
  • Observation Reconnaissance and Search Operations
  • Photographic Reconnaissance
  • Industrial Explosives Escorts
  • Prisoner Escorts
  • Cash Escorts
  • Protection of Airspace Operations

Secondary Roles of The Air Corps

The secondary role of the Air Corps includes the following:

  • Aid to the Civil Community
  • Aid to Government Departments
  • Aid to the Civil Community
  • Recovery and Top cover for search & rescue
  • Air Ambulance
  • Island Relief
  • Snow Relief
  • Aid to Government Departments
  • Ministerial Air Transport Service
  • Pollution Surveys
  • Forest and Wildlife Surveys
  • Aerial Photography
  • Civil ATC Co-operation
  • Assisting in Major Disaster relief