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Industry and Research Collaboration

The RTI Unit coordinates research and innovation collaboration between the Defence Organisation and external entities.

Defence Enterprise Committee (DEC)

There is an ongoing requirement to examine new and innovative means of improving capabilities in the security and the defence domain, to enable the Defence Organisation to undertake the roles assigned by Government. The Defence Organisation collaborates with Irish-based companies, research and training institutions, which have the capacity to contribute to defence capability and capacity development, in projects identified through the Defence Enterprise Committee (DEC). To find out more on industry or research collaboration with the Defence Forces contact or use the contact form. 


SFI – Defence Organisation Innovation Challenge

The SFI-Defence Organisation Innovation Challenge is the first collaboration between Science Foundation Ireland and the Defence Organisation. This is a pilot programme intended to support the Defence Organisation to explore collaborative and capacity building opportunities with the Irish STEM research community. Check out the videos below to see some of the projects progressed through the programme.


Biosense (Update 1)

Biosense (Update 2)


Irish Defence and Security Association (IDSA)

The RTI Unit also communicates to research and industry through the IDSA. The IDSA is a membership organisation of Irish or Irish-based SMEs, research organisations and multinational corporations working in the security and defence or dual-use domains.