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Defence Forces Media Update - 25 June 2024


The Defence Forces unequivocally condemns any actions by serving personnel that are contrary to military regulations or that do not reflect our values.

The Defence Forces have been clear that there is no place for any form of gender-based violence, abuse or any form or inappropriate behaviour by Defence Forces members, on or off duty. 

Any conviction in a civilian court has implications for the retention and service of members of the Defence Forces, as stipulated in military regulations.


The Defence Forces cannot act until due process has been completed in a civilian court of law. It is then a matter for the relevant Defence Forces authorities in accordance with military regulations.


In the cases referred to in the media, the Defence Forces can confirm that proceedings in relation to these, have commenced. It would be inappropriate to comment further on these specific cases until they have concluded, to avoid any risk of prejudice.

We can confirm that military management holds high-level meetings routinely and as required to address a variety of service or operational issues, including personnel conduct. However, details of specific meetings or their contents are not disclosed. 

The Chief of Staff of the Defence Forces, Lieutenant General Seán Clancy has directed a thorough review across all Brigades and Formations, to ensure all regulations regarding these matters are being adhered to and a report is being prepared for An Tánaiste.