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Joint Wildfire Fire-Fighting Exercise

Tuesday 9th July 2019 - Lough Dan
Bambi Bucket on AW139

Joint Wildfire Fire-Fighting Exercise Between Irish Air Corps and Wicklow Fire Service in Lough Dan, Co.Wicklow.

In preparation for a dry Summer, the Irish Air Corps and Wicklow Fire Service will conduct a joint wildfire fire-firefighting exercise tackling wildfire through aerial bombardment. In 2018 the Irish Corps dropped nearly 1 million litres of water on wildfires, so this essential training will take place in preparation for hi-tempo operations this summer.

A viewing area will be in place which will give a close-up view of the Leonardo AW139 picking up 1,225 litres of water from the lake using an underslung bambi-bucket. This will be dropped on a simulated fire on a hillside in close proximity to the viewing area. This will present an excellent opportunity to photograph both the Irish Air Corps and Wicklow Fire Service in action.