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Tightness and Weakness

Tight and Weak areas of the body

Arms Dropping Forward



Potential tightness around the chest muscles and the Lats.



Potential weakness around the middle and lower traps of the back.

Torso Falling Forward:



Potential tightness around the External Obliques and the rectus abdominal, and in the hamstrings



Potential weakness surrounding the Glutes, Pelvic, Lumber and hip muscles also weakness in the middle, lower traps.

Shortage of Depth



Potential tightness around the calf’s the hamstrings also around the adductors.



Potential weakness is surrounding the gluteals and the hip muscles, the front is shown transparent.

Knees are buckling inwards



Potential tightness on the outside thigh and within the adductors.



Potential weakness in the gluteal muscles.

Feet Pivot Outwards



Potential tightness around the muscles on the outside of the lower leg and the hamstrings.



Potential weakness the gluteal muscles.

Heels Lifting



Potential tightness the calf’s



Potential Weakness is the front of the shins and the gluteal muscles.

Now we understand the potential tightness and weakness areas your client could face when carrying out the screens. We will now address some corrective exercises that might help your client with the following tightness and weakness.

Corrective Exercises

Lats Stretch:


Guidance: Lower yourself towards the floor and adopt the all fours position (hands, knees) from this position push your shoulders towards the floor slowly and sitting back on yours calf’s.

Wall Jam Stretch:


Guidance: Standing position keeping your forearms against the wall and slowly press chest forward, then hold for a few seconds and then return to start position.

Lats Swiss Ball Stretch:


Guidance: Kneeling position with both hands on the Swiss ball, push the ball forward while keeping your arms straight and hands on the ball.

Hip Flexor Stretch:


Guidance: Kneeling position back straight throughout the movement, place the same arm in the air as the ground knee and push yourself forward and hold for a few seconds.

Adductor Stretch:


Guidance: Kneeling position, back straight throughout the movement and straighten one leg out to the side.

Then lean your body weight towards the leg that is straight and hold for a few seconds.

Hamstrings Stretch:


Guidance: Start with one foot pushed out to the front and straight, and the opposite leg bent throughout the movement, keep your back straight and lean towards the straight leg and hold for a few seconds.

Hamstring Stretch with Band:


Guidance: Sitting position with both legs straight place a band and secure it around the heel of your foot.

Then lie back on the floor and place the band leg up in the air, pull downwards on the band making sure leg is straight at all times, once in the stretch position hold for a few seconds

Quads Stretch:


Guidance: Lie on your side and bend both legs, turn and grab the runner of the bent leg you wish to stretch.

Keep your back straight throughout the stretch, once you feel resistance hold the stretch for a few seconds.

Rectus Stretch and Obliques Stretch:


Guidance: The rectus stretch lie back on the Swiss ball, your feet and fingers must touch the floor once you feel the stretch in your abdominal hold the stretch for a few seconds.

Calf’s Stretch:


Guidance: Standing position holding onto a wall place the foot up against the wall. Place the opposite foot to the rear and push forward with the hips and hold the stretch for a few seconds.

Keep your back straight throughout the movement.

Sit wall with Arms in the Air:


Guidance: Standing tall with back supported against the wall, lower yourself till you’re in a sitting position with both feet level and your back straight.

Keep your forearms tight against the wall and slide yourself up and down.

Squat the ball:


Guidance: Squat as low as you can with the ball placed over your head, keep knees and back straight throughout the movement.

Ball Touch:


Guidance: Place the ball in your hands from the standing position squat down till you can hit the ball off the floor and keep the ball between your legs.

Then press the ball overhead and push all your body weight up on the balls of your feet.

Toe Curls:


Guidance: Sitting on a Swiss ball with back in an upright position, slowly curl your toes upwards and hold for a few seconds and keep repeating.

Single leg with weight shift:


Guidance: Start with feet more than shoulder-width apart and squat down, push one leg out to the side and move your body weight to the side and hold.

Focus on your glutes in when holding this position.

Single Leg Squat:


Guidance: Standing tall with one leg out in front and squat down slowly keeping your upper body upright.

Single leg then squats and reach:


Guidance: Standing tall bend forward and control your body weight on one leg and touch the object in front of you.

Balance squat:


Guidance: Standing tall, keep your back straight squat down while pressing the ball in front of you.

Swiss Ball Squat:


Guidance: Standing tall with the ball at your back, squat down while rolling the ball along your back.



Guidance: Start on the ground and push yourself into a push-up position with elbows resting on the floor.


Tom Devereux