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It has been a long and impossible road, and with the new updates on COVID restrictions things aren’t relaxing any time soon, people are pretty sick of hearing about it now,  unfortunately, things will remain moving slowly for several weeks and we just may wait.

This pandemic has turned the world upside down, it’s something you might never witness in your lifetime again, “hopefully not”, however with all that’s after taking place I want to talk briefly on “MINDSET” it’s no surprise that people are feeling a range of different emotions about it all.


Every person has had a negative experience during the  pandemic, their thoughts are something that cannot change, if you think about the number of things that “cannot change” I’m sure you will come up with a good few, for example, the government puts a stop on sports, these are all things that are out of our control.

I do believe we should be blocking out the negative and focusing on areas we “can control” as restrictions are still out of our control and with so many stresses and uncertainties I wonder what would help/hinder us all at a time like this. If your struggling with mental health issues that are affecting you with the thing we “cannot control” you need to focus more on the good things you “can control”


Building a strong mindset shapes who we are, we all need routine in our life, so when things are turned upside down our mindset is affected negatively.  What happens when we are in a negative mindset. When the routine is broken it leads to several things such as lack of exercise, laziness, procrastination, bad eating, anxiety and more. In turn, this can impact our thought process and that steers us to negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts that are out of our control, a percentage of people who have been affected during the pandemic with job loss can change someone’s mindset, and, understandably, this is something that can change the mindset.


How important is having routine in your life! And this is  something we can control, things that were part of our routine before the pandemic might be out of our control nonetheless you can implement other activities to help you stay sane, productive and driven. And the many activities that come to mind is “physical activity”. It’s one of the best forms of activity that can do so much for your mind & body, we should all be formulating an exercise routine.

Routine is so important in a time like this, eating healthy needs routine, with so much happening around us and things leading to stress & depression, food is a giving, but wrong food can put you so behind, so having the correct food and the correct program can lead to a better healthy lifestyle.

Stress is something most people find hard to control, and I can say everyone is battling their problems, we might be stressed about lots of things, so as hard as this all is, we all have our part to play and we all have a choice that we can control, eating healthily and exercising daily.

I want to be very clear mind & body are so important in how we function as humans, so maintaining a positive healthy lifestyle is the biggest achievement

“The mind is just like a muscle - the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets and the more it can expand”.

Idowu Koyenikan,

When we learn to implement a “growth mindset” we acknowledge our character, intelligence and creative abilities these are things we can increase in a meaningful way, always room to learn and better yourself


Tom Devereux